Zelechowski Law Office & Notary


Notary Services

The firm provides all notary services that the client may request, such as translations, powers of attorney for Israel and abroad, legalizations and certifications.

Real Estate

The firm represents private individuals and companies purchasing or renting real estate and investing in different kinds of commercial projects.

Family Law

The law firm provides consulting services on matters of personal and family law, succession and real estate.



Commercial Law

The Zelechowski Law Office & Notary has wide experience in the evaluation, preparation and negotiation of international business contracts.

About us

Zelechowski Law Office & Notary is a legal firm bringing together a group of talented attorneys-at-law and a valuable supporting staff, whose main purpose is to provide competent advice on the different areas covered by the firm.


In addition, the firm places strong emphasis on the successful care of contentious matters before the courts, as well as carrying out all other actions relating to administration, with a professional team that is highly qualified in these delicate matters.

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