Commercial Law

The Zelechowski Law Office & Notary has wide experience in the evaluation, preparation and negotiation of international business contracts.
The Law Office provides consulting services for the establishment and operation of companies, both domestic and foreign, as well as for the implementation of other forms of partnership, such as joint ventures, licensing, franchising, turnkey contracts, etc.
In addition, the firm provides consulting services in all matters regarding commercial law, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, exclusive licenses, trademarks and patents.

Our activities include negotiation with Government offices to establish industries and companies.
The firm’s advice also extends to legislation regulating investment and benefits and obtaining these benefits effectively, where applicable, from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
The firm takes care of all aspects relating to its clients’ projects, including coordination of feasibility surveys, financing options, and contacts with the relevant Ministries for taking advantage of the benefits offered by law and starting up the new operation.

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